Glass artists Sharron and Jim Barrett have been creating award winning fused glass in their Germantown, Tennessee studio since 1989.  In the last fifteen years they have focused entirely on transforming cold flat glass into stunning fire-polished works of art using black and iridized glass. 


Unlike traditional methods of fusing, overlapping pieces of glass and melting them together, they have developed an inlaid technique for creating their glass art.  This technique requires each piece of iridized, black and dichroic glass to be hand-cut and placed edge to edge on a second layer of black glass to complete the design.


After the first kiln firing fuses all the pieces into a solid form, 22K gold luster is applied by hand to the surface.  A second firing then cures the gold luster onto the glass as the heat softens and slumps it into a gentle curve.


Jim and Sharron's experienced skill and precision result in unique pieces of glass art.  The fire-polished black glass contrasts with the vibrant iridescent surfaces accented with gold.  Light plays along the curve of the glass surface producing beautiful, dramatic results.  Their art glass is appreciated by fine art collectors who recognize the careful attention to detail and quality both artists give to every piece.